Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Album review: Motion City Soundtrack - Go

Growing up is something that we all have to do. But sadly, the taxes and bills of our adult lives are no match for the playground fun of our youth. Motion City Soundtrack have done a lot of growing up on their fifth album 'Go', and existing fans might be a little disappointed at the lack of energy as a result.

Many of the tracks start off powerful and full of promise but promptly fizzle out, something which can also be said for the album in general.

There is still some of that old MCS magic to be found. 'TrueRomance' has an infectious ‘pop hit’ vibe that could rival pop princess and phone tease Carly Rae Jepsen’s chart-topper 'Call Me Maybe', and 'Timelines' is another stand out track featuring frontman Justin Pierre’s famous lyrical stylings. Yet these are simply teasing the lovers of the first four albums.

The lyrics on 'Go' certainly take a turn for the philosophical, with the beautiful 'Everyone Will Die' and catchy 'Timelines' standing out in particular. Of course Pierre has always covered deep and dark subjects in his lyrics, but this time the music seems to match. Instead of contradicting stories of depression and relationship troubles with upbeat synth laden pop rock, this record sees MCS adopt a heavier, more laboured sound that sadly causes them to blend in with the crowd.

This change may appeal to new listeners as there are still moments of momentum and originality, yet loyal fans are likely to find themselves longing for the playground fun of the past.