Sunday, 7 February 2010

The Wire-ettes tackle... Fashion

From the bell-bottoms of the 70’s to the neon of the 90’s, each fashion trend has run its cycle and is coming back round to get you.

The 70’s philosophy of ‘bigger is better’ saw many sporting platform shoes and the dreaded perm, whilst the 80’s were all about shoulder pads too wide to fit through doors.

During the 90’s, bare skin was all the rage with crop tops and string vests. The Spice Girls era also saw the trend for overalls and scrunchies, which moved onto the glam sequins and recycled ‘vintage’ outfits of the noughties.

Fashion Faux Pas

Sagging/ Low Riding: Do you know how to wear trousers my love? It’s to cover up the gifts God gave us. The lower your belt gets the closer you are to exposing the very assets that your trousers were designed to cover.

Caps worn sideways: Really? Are you are gangster? Do you have hoes? No? Then maybe you should try wearing your hat properly!

Black and Brown: Apparently this looks really bad. We were unaware of this until recently. Looks like we are going to have to rethink some of our outfits, but we reckon it’s not as bad as some make out.

Bling: Unless you are the king or a Lord Mayor, you do not deserve to have that amount of gold hanging about your person, be it fake or not. Keep it to a minimum and for goodness sake no medallions!

Visible Panty Lines: Now, sometimes this can’t be helped. We have all had those moments where we buy a lovely outfit, try it on and discover to our horror that going commando might be the only option. Even so ladies, if you choose to wear a thong, it doesn’t have to be round your waist, you don’t want to look like a bloody beef joint.

Underwear worn as Outerwear: Superman has a lot to answer for! We have never tried on a see through top and not bought a cami to go underneath. Try and leave a little more to the imagination.

Ankle Bashers: Good old ankle bashers, the quintessential school boy error. Tie in white socks and you couldn’t make a worse fashion faux pas. It has been done with style, for example the likes of Fearne Cotton. We love to hate her but the woman can’t half pull off some snazzy outfits! But don’t just throw on any pair of baggy trousers or you’ll look like a clown.

Hareem Pants: Great if you are going to a fancy dress party as Aladdin. All you need now is the magic carpet.

Ugg Boots: Surely these are just glorified slippers? Why not accessorise with a duvet and teddy bear?

Crocs: Should only be worn by small children or the mentally ill.

Recently a new trend has spread across the country. Today we are faced with the dilemma of leggings vs jeggings. Girls have decided it’s ok to wear leggings with only a waist length top. Is it acceptable to expose your backside in tight fitting spandex? The latest Facebook group ‘Stop wearing leggings as trousers!’ seems to disagree.

Anne Chaisty – course leader of BA(Hons) Fashion at the Arts Institute – says, “Celebrity culture has a lot to answer for. People wear things because they see someone else wearing it and it just spirals. For example, Cheryl Cole can wear wet look leggings and soon they are everywhere”.

So does she think they can be worn without coverage? “Call in the fashion police! There is an ‘anything goes’ attitude to fashion. People don’t consider it can be offensive but jeggings certainly didn’t come from the catwalk.”

The Wire-ettes asked the students of Bournemouth University ‘leggings vs jeggings’ and their views on whether they should be worn as trousers…

Ben Woodley, 20, Leisure Marketing 2nd year:


“Leggings with t-shirts? Why not?”

Tim Heap, 19, Multi-Media Journalism 1st year:

I don’t really know/care

“It is not the best look really is it. My flat mate wears leggings but she wears tops to cover them. It depends on your figure. If you can get away with it and you don’t mind the guys looking it is ok. Jeggings are kind of imposters really aren’t they?

Anthony, Product Design 1st year:


“The more skin the better.”

Chrissie Curtis, 18, Business Studies 1st year:

Jeggings – because they look more like jeans because it doesn’t pick up on the tightness as much.

“I don’t think leggings as trousers are that flattering but it is not that offensive.

Danielle Butler, 22, Retail Management final year:


“I personally think they shouldn’t be worn as trousers. They look nicer with a long top or a dress because you can practically see you arse. I suppose they look alright if you are really tiny but they look nicer if you wear something over the top.”

Louisa Fisher, 18, Costume Design AUCB 1st year:


“Some people, when they are super skinny they look ok. But I think you should look at your size and judge them from there. I don’t really wear jeggings – perhaps because I am a bit scared of them, but each to their own.

Jasper Van Den Bosch, 18, Foundation Graphic Design AUCB, 1st year:


“I think they are quite exposing if not worn with a long top but I don’t really mind its up to the individual person. Jeggings – I hate them!

Jamie Glasse, 19, Computer Animation, 1st Year:


“It’s too obvious, I don’t like it!”

By The Wire-ettes (Sarah Hartland, Joanna Stass and Hannah Sweetnam)

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