Thursday, 17 June 2010

Album Review: Vivarium - Twin Atlantic

Biffy Clyro’s little brother has arrived in the shape of Twin Atlantic

The four lads from Glasgow’s debut album Vivarium is packed full of strong vocals, powerful guitar and more sing-a-long moments than you could shake a stick at. From the huge force of ‘Old Grey Face’ to the beautiful ‘Better Weather’ this album has a lot to offer. It’s also refreshing to hear a strong accent as opposed to the usual whiney American persona many British bands adopt, an issue which happens to be covered in anthemic track ‘You’re Turning Into John Wayne’.

All of the tracks on the album would be right at home in big arenas, which goes some way to explaining why these Scots have previously supported such huge acts as Smashing Pumpkins, Funeral For A Friend and Lostprophets. And with another support slot for pop-punk giants Blink 182 coming up this year, Twin Atlantic could get pretty big, pretty quick. But if it doesn’t work out, they could always make a decent living as a Biffy Clyro tribute act.

I also recommend you check out the Innerpartysystem remix of ‘Human After All’ and the Skrillex version of ‘What Is Light, Where Is Laughter?’ Truly impressive stuff.

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