Saturday, 16 April 2011

Introducing: Dom Remi

Rising like a phoenix from the ashes of local heroes The Metropolise, Dom Remi are a new Bournemouth band on a mission.

Determined to start afresh, the alternative indie rock four-piece feel they have moved on from their previous outfit – which managed to sell out several south coast venues, including the esteemed Southampton Joiners. Guitarist Michael-James Dent said; The Metropolise was that band you’re in when you first get into music. Once you pick up a guitar after hearing some Interpol record, you form that band”.

James, and bass player Richard, are both first year Popular Music students at Bournemouth University. “We’re still young but we’ve learnt a lot more, and we know how to write songs that can affect people without being just another carbon-copy. I wouldn’t say we’ve matured though, just learnt how to channel our influences in different ways” said James.

Among these influences, Dom Remi list everything from The Stone Roses and My Bloody Valentine to hip-hop and 90s dance music, with a bit of Doves and Animal Collective thrown in. This helps to shape the group’s ‘unique sound’. James adds; “With some bands, it’s so easy to just group them into a particular genre or group of people, but with us, we try to vary what we do. We have catchy, poppier tracks, but we’ve got tracks that build on soundscapes and use our skills in sonic techniques.”

Named after Joan of Arc’s birthplace - as a result of James’ and front man Ben’s love of history as kids – Dom Remi are planning to relaunch themselves with a free download of their single ‘Midnight’ which will be available on 8th May. The track is full of soaring hooks and teenage angst layered on top of an atmospheric soundscape that can be legitimately described as ‘groovy’. That may sound odd, but it works.

A launch show at Champions, Bournemouth on 14th May with Kinnie The Explorer will be followed by the release of the band’s debut self-titled EP on 6th June via This Scene Isn’t Dead. When asked to describe the EP in three words, James’ responded “nice and loud”.

“We’ve got a load of shows booked in June, including stops in London and Southampton” said James, “and we’re recording more singles this year, so over the summer and winter you can expect to see a lot more releases from us.”

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