Friday, 4 November 2011

Live Review: Black Veil Brides @ Southampton University, 6/10/11

Standing outside Southampton University tonight, you’d be forgiven for thinking its Halloween, or at least a freshers fancy dress party, But no, Black Veil Brides have rolled into town, bringing with them an army of teens dressed in the deepest shade of black and smothered in eyeliner.

My Passion fit the bill perfectly, with their quaffed hair and coordinated outfits. They appear to fall somewhere between a mediocre 90s boy band and a monotonous electro metal outfit. However, the tweens in the crowd go mad for it, roaring as frontman Laurence Rene climbs the speakers as though no one has ever done it before. 

Yashin scream a bit of fresh air into proceedings with the unusual vocal duo of American Harry Radford and Glaswegian Kevin Miles. The two accents sound surprisingly refreshing together and the band fire out some decent gimmick-free post-hardcore. 

Black Veil Brides' predictably dramatic entrance is met with screams that could pop ear drums. They look and sound like a Kiss tribute band, yet do not play any Kiss songs. So what's the point?  Well, I guess it's all just a bit of fun. Cheesy speeches about 'being yourself' and getting the crowd to scream profanities and raise their middle fingers in unison clearly excited the young fans. It may not be the best music in the world, by any means, but if you enjoy a bit of a Hollywood spectacle then Black Veil Brides certainly deliver. 

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