Saturday, 12 March 2011

Live Review: Not Advised get sweaty in Bournemouth

You know you’re doing something right when you manage to sell out a venue before you’ve even released an album. But Southampton pop punk five piece Not Advised have done just that, taking a little break from recording their debut full length record to pop down the road and play Bournemouth’s favourite little sweat box, iBar.

As the crowd pile in, the first support act I Met Nature launch into their set. The female fronted group from Salisbury appear to be having brilliant fun and deliver some standard pop punk. Unfortunately, microphone issues - which continue to crop up for all three bands this evening - disrupt their tight performance but are soon laughed off as the five piece power through.

The girl power continues as Checking Pulse take to the stage with leading lady Emily. The trio’s blend of stomping rock and soaring electronica beings something truly original to the table. Emily’s pre-programmed auto tuned vocals manage to avoid being irritating, leaving the crowd hugely impressed and content to sing along with every word. An outstanding cover of Tinie Tempah’s ‘Written In The Stars’ tops off the set, getting everybody suitably sweaty for tonight’s main act.

Preceded by some rousing classical music, Not Advised grace the tiny stage and commence with their massive sing along anthems. Kicking off with the lyrical genius of ‘The Winner’, the packed out iBar basement starts to move as front man Jim clings onto the ceiling. After a couple of classic tracks from their two EPs, the lads showcase some of the new material they’ve been busy recording for the album. The new tracks receive a warm welcome from the fans but the excitement really starts to bubble when the group announce that tonight will be the night they play ‘A Red Light Situation’ for the last time. And what’s more, to mark the occasion, they treat the fans to a remarkable stripped down version of the track.

After a few more new songs the band launch into huge anthem ‘Right Now’ and the crowd go crazy once more. Further mic issues almost go unnoticed as the crowd have no trouble taking over vocal duties for the mighty chorus. Not Advised finish their set with a sincere thank you to the fans, particularly the two girls who made the mammoth journey down from Edinburgh for the show. With hardcore fans like that, it’s hard to see how these guys won’t be huge news this year. Roll on album number one!

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