Monday, 21 March 2011

Pulled Apart by Matt Emery: Chill out to Pulled Apart By Horses

Fancy listening to a bit of Pulled Apart By Horses but you’re in more of a PJ’s and hot chocolate mood? Then problem solved.

Matt Emery, solo musician and drummer for the critically acclaimed band Stagecoach, has released an EP of acoustic/accapella covers of PABH tracks. And better yet, it’s absolutely free.

The idea came about in September last year after Matt recorded ‘High Five, Swan Dive, Nose Dive’ for a covers EP of his favourite songs and artists. But after putting the track online - and it being ‘retweeted’ by PABH themselves - it got over 500 downloads in just a few hours. So, due to popular demand, Matt decided to focus on just covering the Leeds based group.

 “Their music is practically the opposite of what I do, so they were a perfect choice of artist to cover,” said Matt. “I think if you’re going to do a cover you should make it your own and put your own spin on it. It also shows the songs in a completely different light, because they are done in such a different style. I hope that they will be enjoyed whether you’re a PABH fan or not.”

Matt has also been lucky enough to tour with the band, as Stagecoach supported them on their tour last year. “They are a right lovely bunch, they’ve already mentioned the EP via Twitter/Facebook and helped out with getting people to join the Facebook event for it.”

The EP, called ‘Pulled Apart by Matt Emery’, features four acoustic covers of PABH’s singles from their self titled debut album, as well as an added bonus accapella version of 'Yeah Buddy’.

The tracks are almost unrecognizable from their original versions. The entire EP is beautifully produced and each song is a work of art. Layers of piano and stunning vocals give the tracks a whole new layer of epicness, whilst still maintaining that raw PABH attitude.

The artwork for ‘Pulled Apart by Matt Emery’ is also superb and was created by Matt’s friend Tony Deebank. “He is a very talented artist and was the person who actually introduced me to PABH a few years ago,” said Matt. “I had the idea in my head of what I wanted for the artwork when I decided to do the EP, and he beyond nailed it. It really does look like me, and the blood is pretty sick, in a good way.”

The EP is available as a free download online now and Matt hopes it will be a ‘win for everyone’. “I’m just a big fan really and want to share my versions with the other fans and as many people as possible.”

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