Friday, 22 January 2010

News: Wooden Spoon Thieves On The Loose

Cheeky thieves stole a games console and a wooden spoon by sneaking into a flat whilst a student slept inside.

The burglary happened on October 30th, when forensic science student Dave Amor and his flatmate Vicki Pratt returned to Purbeck House halls of residence after a night out at approximately 3:45am.

The thieves entered the flat after Vicki left the door on the latch whilst she went to let her friends out of the building.

When she returned just a few minutes later she saw two men running out of the flat carrying the stolen goods and alerted Dave, who was asleep in his room.

‘I tried to catch up with them by running down stairs and into the courtyard, but there was no sign of them’ said 19-year-old Dave.

The reason why became clear the next day when Matt Watts, a friend of Dave, knocked on the door holding the stolen Playstation3.

‘I went to visit a mate of mine in one of the other flats in Purbeck and noticed a load of expensive equipment, including Dave’s Playstation, in his living room’ said Matt. ‘They had fans and air conditioning units and all sorts in there’.

When Dave went to confront the suspected thief he blamed his friends who had visited for the weekend.

Despite giving statements to the police and having the flat dusted for fingerprints, Dave decided to tell the police to call off the investigation into the robbery.

‘I didn’t want any hassle’ says Dave. ‘The guy whose mates stole the stuff got a bit ‘lary’ with me when I confronted him.’

‘I wasn’t even that bothered really, I was more upset about not getting the wooden spoon back to be honest’.

Naomi James, Customer Service Advisor for Unite Group plc, the owners of Purbeck House, said ‘It is important for residents to be aware of their personal security by keeping their flat doors locked and not allowing people they do not know to tail gate behind them into the building.’

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