Sunday, 24 January 2010

Album Review: Hold Me Down - You Me At Six

You Me At Six have left Neverland and fallen into the dark depths of emo. ‘Hold Me Down’ sees the Surrey quintet release some of their darkest songs to date. So is it only a matter of time until they break out the eye-liner?

Every song on this second release sees lead singer Josh Francheski thrash out his teen angst and tales of heartbreak to the bands trademark pop-punk tunes, which still manage to be catchier than swine flu.

Unfortunately, Francheski still insists on mimicking a slightly whiney American accent but considering the vast majority of their fan base live off of MTV and Twilight, you can’t blame him for giving the crowd what they want.

However, there are signs that the band are growing up, with Hold Me Down providing a much more mature sound than previous album Take Off Your Colours. Tracks such as ‘Liquid Confidence’ would easily be at home in large arenas and if the band’s recent stint supporting Paramore is anything to go by, the band are more than capable of bigger and better shows.

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